Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Business Events

Situated on the coastline of the Great Barrier Reef and blessed with over 300 days of sunshine a year, the Townsville North Queensland region offers a diverse range of communities, visitor experiences and natural assets. As gateway to one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef, and the World Heritage listed wet tropics rainforests, coastal and inland national parks, wetlands, islands and beaches, the region provides a perfect setting for responsible and inspiring conferences, events and business meetings. Nowhere else in the world do two World Heritage regions exist side by side.

Townsville has achieved more in the past decade through its sustainability programs than any other city in the Oceania, and more than most on earth. Townsville is the only Queensland city chosen to be part of the $94M Australian Government Solar Cities Program. This Program incorporates a range of initiatives that focus on increasing solar energy usage and cutting greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50,000 tonnes. Townsville North Queensland region offers a diverse range of opportunities for conference delegates to share their skills and their time to make a difference to the people, the wildlife and the landscape of this extraordinary place.

Townsville has long enjoyed a reputation for providing world leading science, research and education with key research and education facilities such as James Cook University, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, CSIRO and the Australian Institute of Marine Science to name a few.

The Townville CSR experiences allow visitors to get an insight into the various initiatives in Townsville, to learn how to be more responsible citizens and to give back to the Townsville community and its precious environment.

CSR Program Themes and Suggestions

Aboriginal Land and History

Duration: Full Day

Group Size: 15 - 44 pax


Participate in tours of Mungalla Station – a working cattle property, where you will learn about Nywaigi Aboriginal culture, pioneering history of the European settlers and the Captive Lives story (2-3 hours). Plant native trees and help to restore the health of the precious wetlands of the Nywaigi people (1 hour).

Cyclone Recovery Work

Duration: 3 - 4 hours

Group Size: 15 - 40 pax


The 25 acres of tropical bushlands of Billabong Sanctuary provide habitat for a wide range of native animals, birds and reptiles.  Help this unique wildlife sanctuary and engage in site recovery activities such as repairing animal enclosures, landscaping, weed eradication or tree planting (1-2 hours). Be rewarded with a home cooked North Queensland BBQ on the edge of the Billabong and enjoy feeding saltwater crocodiles, cassowaries and cuddling a wombat.



Caring for Wildlife

Duration: Half or Full Day

Group Size: 5 - 40 pax


Conservation Volunteers can tailor programs for delegates aimed at helping to create and restore habitat for wildlife. Such programs could involve conservation activities that focus on the wetland habitat of the Town Common, northern beaches coastal habitat or a Great Barrier Reef continental Island - Magnetic Island. Focus activities could include marine debris clean ups (Turtle habitat and rehabilitation), restoration of dunes (northern beaches) or bird counts (including brolgas and sarus cranes on the Town Common or black throated finches at Oak Beach). Ranger Dan from Hands-on Wildlife can be invited to the site to talk about wildlife habitat and how the conservation work contributes to maintaining it.


Magnetic Island Habitat Rejuvenation

Duration: Half Day (including transfers from Townsville)

Group Size: 15 - 40 pax 


Bungalow Bay Koala Village, a multi award winning eco tourism resort, works with Townsville City Council to keep the Magnetic Island ecosystem untouched by the introduction of community settlement. Learn all about wildlife habitats and get up close with the unique Aussie animals of Magnetic Island (1.5 hours). Engage in a hands on land management assessment in the adjacent Melaleuca  and Pandanus Forest where you can help with planting trees, weed removal, water course management and pruning (1.5 hours). The forests are home to wildlife such as Koalas, bush stone-curlews and butterflies to name a few and delegate participation helps maintaining and enhancing the habitat of these endangered species.



Eco-Catchment Education Tours

Duration: Flexible 2-3 hours to a full day

Group Size: 5 - 40 pax


The City of Townsville’s Integrated Sustainability Department, its collaborators and partners offer a range of holistic Sustainability Programs around the Townsville region and can connect you to global change and real sustainability in practice.  Through participating in Eco-Catchment Education Tours (Advanced Ecotourism Certified with Ecotourism Australia) you may discover the hidden world of energy flows in Townsville’s urban environment and follow the water cycle from catchment to coral reef, as well as the wonders of its biodiversity hotspots. You can get involved in a range of activities from useful tree planting to learning about urban “blue, not green” sustainability, building and infrastructure. Opportunities exist for community based ecological water quality monitoring, aquatic flora and fauna sampling, innovative insight driven building and energy monitoring and measurement, and active thematic interpretation of the local wetlands, waterways, sustainable buildings, rainforests, savannas and coral reefs. Through thematic interpretation, Ecological Learnscapes are introduced and the connections between the built environment and our surrounding natural habitats explained.


Healthy Reef, Healthy Future

Duration: Two Days

Group Size: 10 - 20 pax


Day 1: Learn how to perform a Coral Reef Health Check! The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s “Rapid Monitoring Program” is the latest citizen science that enables community members to participate in monitoring the Great Barrier Reef’ health. This program can easily be adopted by people without a scientific background. You will receive in-water training within the Coral Reef Exhibition (the world’s largest living coral reef aquarium).


Day 2: Perform a Coral Reef Health Check!   Put your learnings to practical use on a snorkelling adventure with Adrenalin Snorkel & Dive exploring the Great Barrier Reef whilst helping the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority monitor reef conditions and report on wildlife sightings.  By collecting information on reef health, delegates make a valuable contribution to research needed for reef conservation work. Optional scuba diving can be organised upon request.


Water Quality Science

Duration: Half or Full Day

Group Size: 10 - 30 pax


Learn how to apply water quality science on a Catchment Tour and help Townsville Conservation Volunteers to care for the creeks on their Creekwatch program. Learn from the experts how to apply conservation science and help with activities such as assessing water quality or monitoring macro-invertebrates and fish.


Fundraising Speeches

Location: At your conference Venue

Group Size: Unlimited


The Townsville North Queensland region offers a range of inspiring keynote speakers from local charities and organisations who can speak about their work at your conference lunch or dinner. By making a financial contribution to their work, you are making a contribution to the Townsville community that will remain long after you return home. Exemplary speakers include staff from the Townsville Hospital Foundation, Youth with a Mission or James Cook University.


Helping Hands

Duration: 1 - 2 hours

Group Size: 5 - 30 pax


Youth with a Mission Medical Ships – Australia (YWAM MSA) is sending its medical ships into regional Papua New Guinea (PNG) where YWAM helps thousands of people who would otherwise have no access to medical help or services. Engage in a team building exercise and help YWAM to pack medical kits for its patients in PNG.

Food 2 Food – Turn your Food Waste into Fertiliser

Minimum Rental Period: Two Days


Every piece of food we don’t eat is energy wasted to the ecosystem and the economic process that sustains us. Food waste generates methane and other carbon related emissions irrespective of treatment processes. Reduce your ecological footprint by hiring a Bio-RegenTM mobile unit that will convert the food waste generated during your event into liquid biofertiliser. The Bio-RegenTM technology produces minimal off-gases (independently verified in Scotland) and converts all of the organic material into a soil enhancer, which means none of the final product is disposed of to landfill or elsewhere. The technology working through the Bio-RegenTM unit is manufactured by a local Townsville company and was originally designed by a local inventor. It is now used all over the world as the most effective way to convert food waste into a valuable product.

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