Island Hopping

Whether you want to stretch out on a sun-soaked beach, venture through an untouched National Park, or explore the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, we've got the perfect island for you in Townsville North Queensland. 

Hinchinbrook Island  
The biggest island on the Great Barrier Reef, Hinchinbrook Island is completely uninhabited to protect its stunning biodiversity. Only 40 people are permitted to camp on Hinchinbrook Island at any one time, giving visitors the best possible experience to connect with, and truly appreciate, the raw Jurassic beauty of this natural island playground. 

If you have a real thirst for adventure, you can't go past the 32km Thorsborne Trail. With epic mountainous terrain, meandering creek and stunning waterfalls, it's no wonder this 3-4 day hiking trail is considered the best hiking experience on the globe. 

How to visit: Local boat charter/transfer from Lucinda (2 hours north of Townsville) via the Hinchinbrook Channel, or view from above by helicopter.

Magnetic Island  
Just 20 minutes from Townsville, Magnetic Island boasts the natural beauty and serenity of an island and paradise within a thriving community. As one of the only islands in the Great Barrier Reef with a postcode, more than 2,500 residents call this island home. Filled with eucalyptus woodland and rocky foreshores, Magnetic Island is a haven for uniquely Australian wildlife, boasting Northern Australia's largest colony of koalas living in the wild.

The perfect escape for families, friends and couples, "Maggie" - as the locals call it - has a diverse range of accommodation styles, from luxury resorts to backpackers hostels. Sit back and relax on a sailing trip, have a hit at the Island's gold course, up the ante with watersports galore, or find a stretch of sand to enjoy all to yourself. For the more active adventurer, explore rocky outcrops and the National Park that covers two-thirds of the island, hike to secluded bays on more than 20km of walking trails, hit the water on a jet ski tour, and explore what lies beneath the surface with snorkel trails and tours leading straight off the beach. 

Palm Island  
Located 65km north-west of Townsville, the Palm Island Group is home to the traditional owners, the Manbarra people - and the Indigenous Bwgcolman people meaning 'many tribes, one people', descendants that were sent to the Palm Island mission from across Queensland. Great Palm Island - the largest, and only inhabited island of the Palm Island Group, is rich in its unique Indigenous heritage, cultural history and unspoilt landscapes including small bays, sandy beaches, excellent fishing waters and steep forested mountains rising to peaks of up to 548 metres. 

How to visit: SeaLink Queensland passenger ferry or Hinterland Aviation. 

Orpheus Island  
Covered in over 1,300 hectares of pristine National Park, Orpheus Island offers a unique encounter with amazing reef, beautiful bush walks and scenic lookouts. Book into the island's luxury resort, capped to indulge only 28 exclusive guests at any one time. Experience endless adventure with all-inclusive meals, water sports equipment and more - perfect for the lovers of exclusive tranquil holidays. Visitors can also experience the magic of Orpheus by setting up a self-sufficient campsite in one of the island's three camping areas (permit available via Queensland National Parks Booking Service). 

How to visit: Charter boat, or via helicopter. 

Pelorus Island  
Just north of Orpheus Island lies the pristine Pelorus Island, offering spectacular snorkel and dive experiences on fringing reefs accessible right off the beach - with self-sufficient camping permitted (all equipment must be carried with you as there is no access to fresh water and camping facilities are not available). 

How to visit: Charter boat, dive tour with Remote Area Dive, or via helicopter.